Saturday, September 25, 2004
Bush Sucks

And now you can prove it. Have a look at the United States Senate Democrats Resource Center webpage; particularly check out the bits about Bush's record.

A grab-bag of factoids:

Bush's record on national security:
There were more terrorist attacks by Al Qaeda in the 30 months after September 11 than there were in the 30 months preceding September 11.

In 2000, North Korea was believed to possess no more than 2 nuclear weapons. In 2004, experts believe North Korea possesses at least 8 nuclear weapons, a 400% increase.

President Bush has underfunded first responders and port security, and has failed to include a single dollar in his budgets for rail and transit security. In his FY2005 budget, President Bush proposed a 15% cut in grants to local police, fire, and emergency medical agencies, and a 43% cut in first-responder training. Only 5% of cargo containers are being inspected.

Bush's record on jobs:
More than 1.5 million private-sector jobs have been lost under President Bush, compared to nearly 21 million private-sector jobs created under President Clinton.

The best month for job growth during the Bush Administration would not even rank in the top 10 months of job growth during the Clinton Administration.

George Bush would need to create over 700,000 jobs every month for the remainder of his term just to match the job record under his father, who himself had the worst job creation rate since the Great Depression.

Bush's record on health care:
The escalating cost of health insurance, along with the massive loss of jobs in the Bush economy, has resulted in 5.2 million more uninsured Americans since 2000.

Americans who lack health insurance get about half the care of those with insurance. Every year, approximately 18,000 Americans die prematurely because they do not have health coverage.

The President's Medicare drug bill - which was only enacted after the Administration hid its true cost from Congress and the American people - gives billions to HMOs and insurance companies instead of providing seniors with the type of comprehensive and affordable drug coverage they deserve.

Monthly Medicare premiums will go up $11.60 in 2005, the largest increase in the history of Medicare. A significant portion of that increase is attributable to HMO give-a-ways in the new Medicare drug law.

Bush's record on education:
At exactly the time schools are struggling to meet the new requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act, President Bush has proposed the smallest increase in federal education funding in 9 years.

In addition, the Bush Administration has demonstrated a remarkable hostility towards teachers. President Bush's education secretary actually called the largest teachers group in America a "terrorist organization."

Since 2002, the No Child Left Behind program has been shortchanged by more than $26.5 billion.

Nearly 7,500 school districts will see their funding cut this year.

Approximately 400,000 qualified high school graduates will not attend a four-year college this year because of financial barriers, and approximately 220,000 qualified high-school graduates will not go to college at all because of financial barriers.

Bush's record on the economy:
When President Bush took office, we were on track for a 10-year surplus of over $5 trillion. Now, because of his policies, we're headed toward a 10-year deficit of over $3 trillion. In 2003 alone, the deficit reached a one-year record of $375 billion, and it's projected to be well over $400 billion this year.

The massive Bush deficit threatens Medicare, and will saddle our children with hundreds of billions of dollars in annual interest payments on the debt.

States are also suffering - a record number of states were forced to cut their budgets in 2003. And while millionaires get billions in federal tax breaks, middle-class Americans are facing dramatic increases in their state taxes.

Bush's record on the environment:
Instead of fighting pollution, the Bush Administration has undermined critical environmental protections by:

Weakening clean air and clean water standards
Slowing cleanup of toxic waste dumps
Ignoring global warming
Breaking its promise to maintain our national parks
Undermining protection for public lands
Turning mercury regulation over to industry lobbyists.

And don't forget the 1043 dead soldiers, or the 7032 wounded troops. We won't even mention the thousands of dead Iraqi civilians.

What sane person can vote for this colossal fuck-up? I mean, I'm no psychic... given how badly screwed we currently are, I can't say for sure whether Kerry can do much better. But I can say this: I'm pretty goddamn sure he can't do any worse.

PS: For still more evidence of Bush's amazing ability to suck regarding the economy, look to this entry about the possible approach of the second Bush recession. (Via The American Street).

Look at it this way: we'll all have a lot more free time, and since our friends will be out of work, too, we can all hang out and collect cans together. Just like in the 30s! (Our grandparents will be so proud.)
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