Thursday, September 30, 2004
Debate #1

I watched it on c-span with a split screen throughout so I could see reactions as well as statements. Unequivocal win for Kerry. Bush stood behind his podium smirking and looking bored/impatient, repeating his talking points without saying anything terribly meaningful. I caught the patented Bush "wink" several times when he was speaking on matters of import. The rest of the time, it was just "um... uh... lemme just say... " from Bush. I admit I'm biased, but what I saw didn't even remotely come across as "folksy" or plainspoken -- if anyone was direct and plainspoken it was Kerry-- but more along the lines of underprepared, slightly flustered and defensive.

Kerry kicked ass on North Korea particularly. Bush tried to tar him with the epithet "inconsistent" a number of times, but by the seventh or eight time he sounded more like a broken record and the effect wore thin. Kerry, on the other hand came across as both coherent and nuanced.

Kerry to Bush: "You can be certain and also be wrong." Killer stuff.

Addendum: Kos has a nice post up detailing some of the right-wing blogs' reactions to the debate. It's tasty reading.
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