Thursday, September 09, 2004

Browsing through the blogroll, I came across this entry on Tom Tomorrow's blog. It's by Bob Harris, who's Tom's co-blogger; if anyone reads that blog regularly, you'll know that Bob was recently visiting Greece and other attached locales.

This resonates with me because, while I haven't been forced to endure anything this extensive, I am also one of the flagged people. Flying back and forth between the UK, I got quite accustomed to routinely being one of the people who was searched (over and over again); last time I flew, from here to LA, my ticket had obviously been flagged, since I had to go through a special search process every step of the way. Why this should be so I'm not sure: I have no criminal record, I have no official ties to any rabble-rousing organization, and apart from unapologetically speaking my mind here and on an internet forum, I'm not particularly politically active or outspoken. And yet like Bob (although not to the same degree), I am routinely made to feel like a suspicious character while travelling into and inside-of my own country.

It's not right.
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