Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Here I Am, Rock Me Like A Hurricane

As I write this, Hurricane Ivan is whirling around the Gulf of Mexico preparing to make sweet, violent love to the Mississppi River Valley.

The orange dot with the arrow represents "I am here". The thing to keep in mind, though, is that the red swirly icon only signigifes the eye of the storm; the entire storm is apparently something like 400 miles / 645 km in diameter... which is to say, this is an enormous fucking storm. (For visual reference, that's enough hurricane to almost completely cover both Mississippi and Alabama.)The eye is due to make landfall sometime tomorrow night, which means we here around Memphis will be feeling the leading edge sometime tomorrow. And no, it certainly won't be a direct hit for us, but given that this is expected to be a Category 4 by the time it hits Gulfport, MS, we could still be in for some badass flooding and a fun day of tornado warnings.

Anyway, if things are a bit quiet here on the blog for a couple of days, that's probably why. It should be fun!

PS: If any of y'all have ever had any desire to visit New Orleans, I hope you already have. After Thursday, it might not be there anymore.

Update: I have changed the headline to something much doofier.

My mother says I "might be over-reacting"... look, it's not like I'm out buying plywood to board up the windows; I'm just gonna make sure I get my grocery shopping done before the weather turns crappy. And maybe make sure I know where the candles are. No biggie.

Also, I saw lots of Louisiana license plates on the freeway tonight, even a few Floridas. They say they're not allowing people to enter N.O. LA anymore, and the highways out of townare almost completely blocked with traffic. Considering the city might be under 12 feet of water in a couple of days, I don't blame 'em.

Update 2: As Ivan makes landfall, he appears to have decided that he'd prefer to make violent love to the Florida panhandle (apparently Ivan swings the other way, if you know what I mean... not that there's anything wrong with that.) So we here in the northern end of the Mississippi Delta probably aren't going to be touched after all.

But I might burn some candles anyway. Candles are good, right?
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