Monday, September 06, 2004
Labor Day

Has anyone else noticed that the people who could most use a day off are those least likely to get one on Labor Day? The holiday was founded to honor the efforts of labor unions in North America, the unions being the only bodies that would stand up for the rights of poor skilled and unskilled workers. (Yes, there was a time when the entire country agreed that maybe the nation's laborers deserved a day in their honor.) But in a case of bitter irony, these days the people who most often actually benefit from it are the white-collared middle classes. Our unskilled workers certainly don't get the day off; they have to go to their shitty, low-paying dead-end jobs at the gas station and McDonalds to serve those who do get the day off, because god knows they can't go a whole day without easy access to Big Macs. (I wonder if the McD's employees at least get time and a half? That'd rack their wages up to $7.50, easy.)

Maybe we should start calling it There Will Be No End To Your Labor Day.
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