Monday, September 20, 2004

Apologies to all four of my regular readers for the relative quiet over the past couple of days; I've been putting my energy into other things, and haven't had a whole lot that seemed important enough to write about. Such is life.

Maybe somebody can help me interpret this crazy dream I had last night; it had an amazing image in it which I found very distressing in the dream, but which I find really fascinating now. There was a rat attacking me in the dream, and I was trying to stomp on it to make it leave me alone. I missed, but I got a look at his little rat face... and the rat had a third eye! I know that HAS to mean something, but what?

Anyway, I'll try to find something to post about tomorrow. Until then, use the blank space below as a page for doodling, or as a focal point for your daily meditation. Nam myo ho ren ge kyo...

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