Thursday, September 09, 2004
My Favorite Search So Far

It's fairly common among bloggers to keep an eye on the logs to see what kind of searches are bringing visitors to your little patch of 'net. I've discovered several trends over the six months this blog has existed, and certain searches keep popping up the logs. I get a lot of people coming around looking for "Barack Obama," and more than that looking for the "Lcpl. Boudreaux sign generator." Amusingly, the all-time number-one hit generator for this blog is any variation on the phrase "George W. Bush is a fuckhead." Sometimes you get visitors who were searching for something kinda creepy; sometimes their searches are downright icky. I also get a lot of people looking for actual novenas for various needs and purposes, usually nothing to do with anything on the website; suffice to say there's very little prayer advice on this blog.

Anyway, today a search I found particularly pleasing popped up in the logs:"Novena to defeat George Bush." I just want to say to whomever came by based on that search that I wholeheartedly support the idea behind it, and I hope you found something useful, even if it wasn't here. If you didn't, I encourage you to devise a novena of your own. Whatever you ended up with, email it to me; I'd love to post it on the blog.
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