Sunday, September 12, 2004
Two Brilliant Ideas

Hanging out with Diana tonight (after the Co-op meeting that didn't happen), we had two absolutely brilliant ideas, things I'd love to do were it not for the minor point that I am grossly unqualified to attempt either one. Thus, they will be installed here until such time as we or somebody else has the sense and ability to capitalize on them.

Idea 1: The Elvis Opera

It's true; Elvis Presley's life is the stuff of classical opera. Poor Mississippi boy finds immeasurable fame and wealth, finds and loses true love, is manipulated by the wicked-but-sly Col. Tom Parker, and eventually meets his end through his own weakness. It would have to be done properly, though... no cheesy rock-opera bullshit, thanks. What we need here is a serious Italian opera with arias and everything. It's not a joke, it's a completely serious creative venture.

Idea 2: a Punk Band

But wait, there's more: there has to be a place in the world for an all-girl punk band in which -- here's the hook -- all the members dress in mom-drag. Polyester pantsuits, sensible shoes, knee-high hose, short bobbed hair, the whole bit. C'mon, it's a great idea... at the very least, it'd be a mean theme for a costume party: come as your parents.
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