Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Anticipation, Both Sweet And Fearsome

Warning: the following post clearly demonstrates my inherent geekiness. If anyone reading this has been laboring under the misconception that I am even remotely "cool", and wishes to remain ignorant of this less-dignified aspect of my personality, it would probably be best if you looked away now.

The cast for the new feature film version of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, as far as it has been selected so far, is absolutely fucking perfect. I don't know what brilliant minds are working in casting these days, but every time a film I'm really worried about being good comes along, the bastards in casting nail it right to the wall.

I have a special attachment to this book (at least through the fourth volume; "Mostly Harmless" was pretty awful), so I view the upcoming release with both hope and anxiety. These characters have been running around the inside of my head since I was approximately ten years old; the original BBC mini-series (which I didn't buy even as a kid) didn't manage to dislodge my own vision, but a relatively big-budget feature probably could. Thus, it's imperative that it's done right.

I admit to having concerns about the way Marvin the Paranoid Android is being portrayed. I just pictured him taller, and not having Willow inside him. Otherwise, all looks very promising. The two most crucial roles:

Arthur Dent - Martin Freeman, the doughy-faced (and rather lovely) Fisher-Price man from The Office. Absolutely perfect.

Ford Prefect - Mos Def. Not what I had envisioned, but I'm willing to give him a try.

Even the minor roles are cool: Steve Pemberton (Tubbs Tattsyrup, et al. from "The League of Gentlemen," the finest show to come out of the UK in a decade) plays Mr. Prosser; and John Malkovich, who is practically God himself, is playing Humma Kavula. (I didn't remember him at first either, don't worry.)

The only question now is the director, which is some guy named Garth Jennings. Never heard of him? That's because he's hardly done anything ever. (Okay, he did a Blur video, but that's it.) So I figure he'll either do a Spike Jonze and blow us all away, or alternately, just blow.

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