Saturday, October 02, 2004
I Mozilla

Night before last I downloaded some new software; I got Trillian at Shaw's recommendation (and it's working out great so far, I'm very pleased), and I also got Mozilla's new browser and email client, Firefox and Thunderbird respectively.

I used to have the old Mozilla browser on my laptop before it chucked it, and I really, really enjoyed it. I just wanted to confirm that Firefox is even better; it's got all kinds of groovy features that I've been playing with and tweaking since I installed it. I've got my bookmarks all sorted out, I've got weather in my menu bar, I've got the correct time and date, I've got an indicator for my Gmail account, etc. etc., gush gush gush. Tabbed navigation alone is reason enough to ditch lesser browsers, and I've got a slick skin to make it pretty. It's an excellent program.

Why anybody even farts around with Explorer anymore is beyond me. I bet there's a master's thesis -- hell, maybe even a doctoral thesis -- in open-source software as an model for furthering the collective good and trumping the free market in the process.
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