Thursday, October 14, 2004
The Joys Of Incoherence

Y'know those big LED signs that people put up around stadiums and casinos and other public facilities? They flash the details of upcoming events, happy messages, advertisements, etc... yeah, those things.

Well there's one around here that I passed by during my lunch break today, and it said the damndest thing: as I approached, it was flashing a big Coca-Cola logo; the next thing I saw was the words "OSTOMY NURSES"; followed by "INCONTINENCE"; and finally the word, "THIRSTY?"

Errrrrm... no.

Now, I admit that I looked down for a second right after the Coca-Cola logo, so maybe something flashed briefly that would make the rest make sense. And given that this is a town full of elderly people, talking about ostomy nurses and incontence isn't necessarily an inherent non-sequiter. But it was still pretty fuckin' weird.

I was reminded of an incident riding on the Tube in London; I was sitting next to a mousy-haired woman who was reading a play of indeterminate title, and I was, naturally enough, surruptitiously reading as she turned the pages. I was amused to note that at roughly regular intervals she had noted the word "Bollocks!" next to the text; I assumed it was just a comment on the quality of the play. But about ten pages in, she had noted in similar fashion -- but larger letters -- "TITS!" I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing out loud at that one (since obviously you're not allowed to laugh on the Tube). Other people's incoherence is one of life's true joys.
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