Thursday, October 14, 2004
No Time, No Time

No time to recompose a personal email (looking at you, Dave) which took 45 minutes to write and was ultimately sucked into the aether by the fickle god of webmail. I'll try again later. No time to discuss the debate last night, except to say that I'm sure Bush's supporters are glad that, for once, he didn't completely fuck it up, even though that still won't save him on Nov. 2. No time to tell the folks at the Co-op about the amazing stuff that's going to be happening where I am; if any of y'all read this, drop me a line and ask, 'cause otherwise I'll forget and that would be bad because you might want to know.

Does anyone want to give me a new laptop? 'Cause having one right now would really save my ass. I might be able to get everything done if I had one.

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