Saturday, October 23, 2004
Not Your Bitch

We are approaching the end of the second day of the festival; eight more to go (including the hardest ones.) The only thing that's frustrating me is that the usual cast of characters -- with the exception of those with whom I work all day -- seem to be under the impression that I'm still the all-purpose festival bitch. Look, people, I've got TWO jobs here this year, damn it, and I've got plenty to keep me occupied. I come in at 9 AM before the first film begins, I leave at 11 at night after the last film starts running, and between those hours I've got a steaming shitload of things to accomplish. I don't have time to make up 50 different versions of the workshop schedule based on each individual's specific preferences, I don't have time to hand-hold you through day's film listings, and I certainly don't have time to be your fucking gopher. Unless I really, really like you -- and don't assume I do.

At one point today I was juggling requests from five different sources -- three of them valid and two not. The thing that I most want to impress upon people is that if five different requests are made simultaneously -- so simultaneously that the requestors are actually interrupting each other to make them -- I am not going to be able to fulfill ANY of the aforementioned requests. I am a capable young woman, but for fuck's sake, back off.

The festival director gets to tell me what to do. The volunteer co-ordinator, to a certain extent, gets to tell me what to do. The people leading the workshops I'm co-ordinating myself get to tell me what to do. Nobody else. Okay? Okay.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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