Wednesday, October 13, 2004
Republican Voter Fraud

Republican activists would have you believe that the mere act of registering new voters is tantamount to voter fraud; I can't blame them for disliking it, since new voter registrations have seen margins of 10-to-1 or more in favor of the Democratic party.

But leave it to other Republicans to show 'em how voter fraud is really done. In Nevada, a private group called Voters Outreach has been registering new voters outside malls and supermarkets. Thing is, they only wanted Republican registrations. So what do they do with all the Democratic registration forms they end up with?

Easy: rip 'em up and pretend they never existed.

This is the thing that frustrates those of us on the Left. Compared to the shit the GOP pulls, Bill Clinton was an eagle scout, and yet when they get caught nothing happens. The new Republican party motto should be, "If we get away with it, it isn't really wrong."

PS: Steve Gilliard has more.
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