Monday, November 22, 2004
Arrrrrgh, Mateys!

I need a pro-Bush fiscal conservative to explain this to me.

How is it that, while we're axing federal student loans and environmental work on the one hand, we're able to afford $2 million so that Dubya can have a yacht?

Dubya's New Toy

WASHINGTON - Republicans whisked a $388 billion spending bill through the House on Saturday, a mammoth measure that underscores the dominance of deficit politics by curbing dollars for everything from education to environmental cleanups.


Also enacted during the postelection session was an $800 billion increase in the government's borrowing limit. The measure was yet another testament to record annual deficits, which reached $413 billion last year and are expected to climb indefinitely.


[The bill included] a potential boon for Bush himself, $2 million for the government to try buying back the presidential yacht Sequoia. The boat was sold three decades ago, though its current owners say the yacht is not for sale.


Can you make this make sense to me?

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