Saturday, November 13, 2004
Photo Blog

Even after a few days off, I'm still not feeling very wordy... lately I've been saving most of my words for personal conversations and not so much for addressing the world collectively. Maybe it has something to do with my mind changing over to a more visual medium for a while in preparation for making a film... so in that spirit, rather than write yet more words today, I think I'm just going to present a few images. Sometimes it's better to stop and look.

These are all photographs from my personal album, all taken by your humble hostess. Click the images for a larger version.

winchester cathedral


tree / basingtoke

ismail / studio c

new growth / basingtoke

film school

bud / basingstoke

roman wall

PS: I know the resolution's a little off, but I didn't want them to take all day to load. If for some bizarre reason someone wants a better-resolution version of something, let me know.
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