Thursday, November 04, 2004

I still have some hostility this morning. I can't quite find the right words to express how I feel... fortunately, someone else has managed to articulate my mood:
Fuck you.

Fuck the South. Fuck the Flyover. Fuck NASCAR, Travis Tritt, and The 700 Club. Fuck your bigotry. Fuck your monumental stupidity. Fuck the monuments you build to it. Fuck the pedestals you then place them on in government buildings. Fuck your religious tunnel vision and intolerance. Fuck the NRA. Fuck America's Heartland. Fuck your stupid fucking children. Fuck the entire amber waves of fucking grain.

Fuck Walker. Fuck Herbert Walker. Fuck "Walker, Texas Ranger." Fuck Prescott. Fuck Church's whiskey-soaked, ham--fisted lynching of State. Fuck the ghost of Strom Thurmond up his hypocritical ass with the fucking Confederate flag and the Gettysburg Address. Fuck preemptive strikes. Fuck oil. Fuck coal. Fuck Billy Graham.

Fuck the flaming, mangled corpse of Dale Earnhardt.

Fuck the Mall of America. Fuck your fucking time-changing Daylight Savings bullshit. Fuck your fucking of the Kyoto Treaty. Fuck Elvis, both young and old. Fuck John Deere. Fuck every single last Red State.

Fuck Larry the Cable Guy. Fuck cowboy boots. Fuck large, steer-headed belt buckles and all the fucks in Blue America who find them chic in an ironic way. Fuck Mississippi's refusal to ratify the 13th Amendment until 1995. Fuck Halliburton. Fuck "The Passion of the Christ" and the way you crucified the passion of Howard Dean. Fuck Waffle House. Fuck Wattaburger. Fuck all of your fucking panhandles.

Fuck the Alamo.

Fuck your fucking accents - any of them, all of them. Fuck the fact that you're supporting a president who's killing your own fucking children. Fuck the rusting husks of your fucking bankrupt farms. Fuck your yellow ribbons and your parades and your air shows.

Fuck your ignorance. Fuck your illiteracy. Fuck the massive rancid pile of cow shit that is the Midwest.

Fuck every single last one of you.

(Found via Mat)

At last, something Denny and Mat and I can all really agree on. That felt good.

Note to conservatives: if you thought the left was crazy before, just wait till you see us when we're really pissed off. The Left has joined the culture war in earnest.
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