Friday, December 31, 2004
Another Year I'm Not Sorry To See The Back Of

People who know me socially will likely have already heard this rant; I ask them to bear with me, since this is the last time I'll get to use it (I hope).

I'm sick to death of the whole Year 2000 thing. We're halfway through the first decade now, and frankly I'm beginning to think that the whole "new enlightened age," complete with jet packs and futuristic clothes, just isn't going to happen. Instead, we get this evil mix of all the worst parts of the 50s, 60s, and 70s... why I should have to cope with both an unpopular foreign war AND low-rise flared jeans again is beyond me.

I spent NYE 99/00 in an attached house in Basingstoke with two old men -- one of whom, my then-boyfriend, was only 35 at the time, but who acted more like 65 -- while all my friends were partying down in Trafalgar Square. I remember stepping outside alone at midnight to listen to the revelries elsewhere and thinking, "this isn't a promising beginning."

Every New Year's Eve since then, I have said a quiet little prayer: well, that was a shitty year, here's hoping the coming one is better. And every subsequent year, while not without good moments, has fallen decidedly below expectations. We dodged the Y2K bug without so much as a stumble, but look at everything we walked straight into: hate, fear, rage, vengeance, intolerance, dishonor, war. We didn't know it, but the computers were the least of our worries; all the really dangerous stuff was stewing our own collective unconscious.

If I could go back to address my then-self and the rest of the world on New Year's Eve 1999, my message would be a simple one: don't go. Turn back. Nothing good waits for you on the other side. Let it be 1999 forever, for this way lies madness. But as far as our little consciousness is concerned, there's only one direction available to us; we can only move forward. So, fate, I'm asking again: we all really need something a bit better this year. A little peace, maybe some tolerance, perhaps even a little new love if you're feeling generous.

2004 was a shitty year, though not without its good moments -- here's hoping 2005 is better.
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