Wednesday, December 08, 2004
Birthday Season Continues

I've got a double-feature today, one today-today birthday and one tomorrow-today birthday. (It's confusing, I know. Bear with me.)

First, happy birthday to Dave; he's turning 26 on the ninth -- which is tomorrow in North America, but today in New Zealand where he'll actually be celebrating it. In a space of about nine months, Dave has become one of my most-favored friends and has already done a lot to broaden my horizons (and my horizons were broad to begin with, so that's no mean feat.) He's been a good influence on me, for which I give him my gratitude.

Oh, and buy his CDs. They're good, and good for you.

And happening simultaneously, yet curiously on the day before, happy birthday to Derrick, who's turning 20 and is one of the heppest cats in Midtown. This boy put the "negro" in "the negro streets at dawn". He's a snappy dresser, too.

Love to both of you; I'm lucky to have friends like these two guys.
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