Saturday, December 18, 2004
First, They Came For The Muslims...

In a study to determine how much the public fears terrorism, almost half of respondents polled nationally said they believe the U.S. government should -- in some way -- curtail civil liberties for Muslim Americans, according to a new survey released today (Dec. 17) by Cornell University.

About 27 percent of respondents said that all Muslim Americans should be required to register their location with the federal government, and 26 percent said they think that mosques should be closely monitored by U.S. law enforcement agencies. Twenty-nine percent agreed that undercover law enforcement agents should infiltrate Muslim civic and volunteer organizations, in order to keep tabs on their activities and fund raising. About 22 percent said the federal government should profile citizens as potential threats based on the fact that they are Muslim or have Middle Eastern heritage. In all, about 44 percent said they believe that some curtailment of civil liberties is necessary for Muslim Americans.

Conversely, 48 percent of respondents nationally said they do not believe that civil liberties for Muslim Americans should be restricted.


The survey also showed a correlation between television news-viewing habits, a respondent's fear level and attitudes toward restrictions on civil liberties for all Americans. Respondents who paid a lot of attention to television news were more likely to favor restrictions on civil liberties, such as greater power for the government to monitor the Internet. Respondents who paid less attention to television news were less likely to support such measures. "The more attention paid to television news, the more you fear terrorism, and you are more likely to favor restrictions on civil liberties," says Nisbet.


So now we know... half of the citizenry of the United States is willing to suspend the constitution for some Americans; thus, half of US citizens are fundamentally anti-American. And it ain't the half that usually gets that label thrown at it.

In further news:

27% of respondents thought Muslim-owned or -run businesses should be marked as such, and that all Muslims should be required to identify themselves by wearing an armband with a crescent moon on it.

15% of respondents thought all Muslims should be forced to live in confined districts, or "ghettos".

8% of respondents thought Muslims should be moved into "work camps."

3% of respondents thought all Muslims should be wiped off the face of the earth, wherever they live... ein volk, ein reich, ein Dubya!

PS: The question will doubtless be asked: am I comparing tv-news-watching, church-going Republicans to the Nazis? And to paraphrase the most reasonable response to that question I've heard so far, it's not that they're like the Nazis, it's that they aren't different enough.
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