Tuesday, December 14, 2004
How Many? How Many More?

You know things are taking a turn for the worse when it becomes hard to figure out how many soldiers were killed on any given day. Was it as many as seven? As few as two? Are these the same that died on Sunday -- or was it Monday? iCasualties.org can't keep pace; it seems to generally take a day or two to definitively catch up. On the other end of the spectrum, Today In Iraq throws every report onto the table, but has a higher chance of over-estimating.

The current daily death rate (for our side) stands at 2.86, making it one of the highest since the end of "major combat operations." (That phrase was funny for a while, now it's just painful.) If it continues -- and it's actually been climbing the last few days -- this month will stand in the top four or five deadliest months.

And that, obviously, doesn't even consider injuries. I haven't said much about the Rumsfeld/armor issues (I did leave a comment on a conservative blog, which I later returned to find deleted), but I tend to think of it this way: Rummy must be a big fan of horrible war injuries, because otherwise we could have a lot less of this happening (warning: not for the faint of heart -- but everyone who supported this war should be forced to look at it, for hours if necessary.)
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