Monday, December 13, 2004
I'm A Dork

So, I got up reeeeeally early this morning and got myself together to go to the DMV. My license expired and I was about a week overdue to get it renewed; it had to be done, even though going to the DMV is like a short stint in purgatory at the best of times. I figured Monday morning would be relatively light -- and it was. I can confidently recommend Monday at about 10 AM as an ideal time to go; there are exactly fuck-all people there at that time.

It took all of two minutes to get from the door to the counter; there was only one guy waiting for a friend to finish his written exam for his first license. I told the lady behind the counter that I needed to renew and was a little late. She took my license and looked at it for a minute, and said:

"This doesn't expire until December 2005."


So I'm an idiot, so what?
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