Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Know Your Enemy

I know I've been neglecting the blog lately... I have no excuse except to say that, y'know, sometimes I just don't have as much to say. But I'm due for a post, and since I'm feeling a bit like I might be coming down with something (there's a flu going around), I think I'd best go ahead and get it done now.

This may all just be my encroaching fever talking, but I've got a few things to say about the phenomenon of fundamentalism in the United States. I've written about fundamentalism before on this blog, and I expect that most of the people who regularly read it are aware of how I feel. But it's been in discussion again recently and some good things have appeared in various places, which deserve pointing out.

Digby has posted an interesting essay about the nature of fundamentalism:
We start by having the womens' groups decrying the Islamic FUNDAMENTALIST view of womens rights. These FUNDAMENTALISTS want to roll back the clock and make women answer to men. In AMERICA we don't believe in that. Then we have the Human Rights Campaign loudly criticizing the Islamic FUNDAMENTALISTS for it's treatment of gays. In AMERICA we believe that all people have inalienable rights. The ACLU puts out a statement about the lack of civil liberties in Islamic FUNDAMENTALIST theocracies. In AMERICA we believe in the Bill of Rights, not the word of unelected mullahs.

You got a problem with that Jerry? Pat? Karl????

And the Rude Pundit has been posting a series of essays about Christ Weariness:
Let's be clear here: "Christ" is shorthand for the fucked-up, backward ass, violent, hate-filled beliefs of Christian fundamentalism. It is not the Biblical "Christ" and his words of, you know, love, peace, and fellowship. The Biblical Christ never says, "Thou shalt exhort thine enemies to 'Bring it on.'" The Rude Pundit has said before that the Christ in the Bible is a liberal who invites us all to party on in a socialist heaven. That is a dude the Rude Pundit would like to break bread and fish with while suckin' down wine-from-water. That, however, is not the Christ who has been shoved in our faces by the evangelical right. They want Rambo Jesus, kickin' ass, a warring motherfucker who shows fags and secularists they better love the Lord or they're gettin' drop kicked into the fiery bowels of hell. Or voted out of office.

Now, I'm actually very sympathetic to sane religion. Believing in god or some other higher power/s doesn't make you stupid or superstitious; it's a valid and valuable way to experience life and a part of being human since time began. It's not for everyone -- neither spirituality nor the lack thereof make one a superior person -- but as long as we remain more or less human, it's going to be a part of the world.

But there's a big difference between being sanely religious and being a fucking batshit asshole who depends on an invisible sky buddy to tell you how to live your life and deal with the world around you. If I had to pinpoint the primary target of my anger and frustration, fundamentalism would be the only honest choice. Garden-variety conservatives annoy me, yes, and I disagree -- sometimes strongly -- with many conservative arguing points. But you can still have a conversation with them without feeling as though they would love to see your flesh melting off in a lake of fire for all eternity.

Fundamentalists, on the other hand, are some vindictive motherfuckers who take deep pleasure in imagining everyone on earth but themselves meeting the most horrible fate possible. Have you ever been to a fundie church service where hell was discussed? Hellfire is the closest most fundies ever (openly) get to nasty sex... it whips 'em up into an orgiastic frenzy of self-righteousness and faux-victimized rage. Those women speaking in tongues are only babbling like that because they're coming at the thought of sodomites and painted women being tortured and flayed by imps for all eternity, while they sit on a cloud in segregated heaven and glut themselves on their moral superiority. That, my friends, is at the core of the fundamentalist mindset.

Conservatives can be damn annoying, but fundamentalists are the real danger to our society. When the time comes, they will be more than happy to put everyone who's different from them in a prison cell or grave; totalitarianism, to them, is just an expedient means to force everyone else to live the way they think they should. How these little dictators ended up in league with genuine conservatives -- who always go on about not restricting personal freedom and respecting the rights and responsibilities of the individual -- is a mystery, unless you assume that those conservatives are raging hypocrites, which is certainly a possibility. The reason the United States is now embroiled in bloody conflict in the middle east -- and if we remain there for this decade, which we will if these evil bastards have their way, the reason why we will still be there -- is because mullahs fucking hate other mullahs, and both sides are stinking with mullahs.

Let me also say that it isn't just conservative Christian fundamentalists I hate, it's ALL fundamentalists. If I want to see the Taliban out of business, it's not because they're muslims, it's because they're fucking fundamentalists. If I want to see Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson choke to death on a Scofield Reference Bible, it's not because they're purported Christians (which they aren't, really, but for the sake of argument), but because they're fucking fundamentalists. The reason Madalyn Murray O'Hare was an obnoxious old cow in my mind isn't because she was an atheist, but because she was a fucking fundamentalist.

So let me spell this out for any conservatives reading: I don't want to live in a totalitarian theocratic religious state. If you remain associated with these fundie fuckers, you're going to have some serious problems on your hands, because people like me will NEVER go along with it. It's not about economic theories or social programs, it's about conservatives standing by the values they claim to support when it applies to things they dislike as well as things they feel comfortable with.

These fundamentalists can do whatever the hell they want within the confines of their homes and churches; I'm not here to tell them how to live their lives. They can believe in their sky buddy, they can teach their kids that sex is dirty and that science is a lie, whatever; it's no business of mine -- it's they who'll suffer for their ignorance, not me. But when they start trying to run the whole show for all of us, that's when they need to be slapped, hard, until they remember that this isn't Iran. These assholes will destroy America if we let them gain any more power.

Fuck fundamentalists. And yes, I do mean that.
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