Tuesday, December 21, 2004
A Lump Of Coal For George

Last year's "early Christmas present" was pulling Saddam from a hole; it was supposed to be the end of the insurgency, according to supporters of the war.

This year's early Christmas present is a mess-tent bomb that killed 22:

"I can't hear! I can't hear!" one female soldier cried as a friend hugged her.

Near the front entrance to the chow hall, troops tended a soldier with a gaping head wound. Within minutes, they zipped him into a black body bag. Three more bodies were in the parking lot then.

Soldiers scrambled back into the hall to check for more wounded. The explosions blew out a huge hole in the roof of the tent. Puddles of bright red blood, lunch trays and overturned tables and chairs covered the floor.


Of course, the Iraqis have been getting christmas presents like this for going on two years now...

It's going to be a bad Christmas for an awful lot of people.
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