Wednesday, January 12, 2005
Goodbye, Memphis

Today has been my pack-and-clean day, and I still have a lot to do (yes, even this late), but I need a break. I spent a good part of the afternoon rummaging through my old boxes in storage looking for books I might need for my academic work this year; I didn't actually find much that was useful, but I found a lot of stuff I'd forgotten about. Besides the obvious books (lots of books), there were old papers, old artwork, collected newspaper clippings, photographs, a copy of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette from the day after Bill Clinton's 1992 election (CLINTON WINS), a few vintage paper editions of Feed Magazine, even my winning history fair project from the ninth grade. Pretty trippy... god, I was such a teenager back then.

I've gotten one timely piece of good news. After spending two politically-charged years in blood-red Mississippi, whose airwaves are oversaturated with Limbaugh and his ilk, I have discovered that I will be welcomed to Brattleboro by a once-conservative radio station that has since flipped sides and become an Air America affiliate.

BRATTLEBORO -- A southern Vermont-based radio station will trade in the rhetoric of Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show hosts for the liberal commentary of Air America next week.

WKVT-AM 1490 in Brattleboro will replace four of its weekday syndicated conservative talk shows on Jan. 17 with programs from the fledgling liberal radio network Air America, which launched in March.

The station will be the second in Vermont to broadcast Air America programs, which include shows hosted by comedian Al Franken and actress Jeanne Garofalo.

The Brattleboro area is highly liberal in its political beliefs and the Air America shows will be a better fit for the station's listeners than the conservative programs hosted by Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly, said WKVT program director Peter Case.

"We're calling this a right-to-left switch," he said. "For many years, our programming leaned to the right, but Brattleboro is a very liberal area and our lineup had to reflect that."


Sweet, welcoming Vermont. Now all we need is to get Mike Malloy on in Bratt and life will be perfect.

My journey there, however, might not be so sweet; the weather forecast is telling me that I'll be dealing with a lot of rain on my way out tomorrow, and might be rained on for the greater part of the trip. Even if I get out past it, it'll be chasing me the whole way... until, of course, I hit New England, at which time it's likely to turn to snow.

This time tomorrow I hope to be in Virginia, hopefully somewhere around Roanoke. The day after that, probably between Bingamton and Schenectady, New York. On Saturday, I'll have arrived in Vermont, and depending on how long it takes me to get sorted out and hooked up, blogging will hopefully resume shortly thereafter. I feel awful for missing out on the big current stories -- the Bush administration's admission that there are no WMDs in Iraq being chief among them -- but real life calls, and when this transition is over I'll be in much more amenable surroundings.

So check back in a few days, when I will have magically turned into just another blue-state liberal academic blogger. Hooray!

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