Monday, January 10, 2005
Green Light

Wow, what a relief.

The one potential hitch in my college re-matriation strategy was my financial aid package. As you may know, I am poor, poor, poor, and my college is one of the most expensive in the country. They are, however, very good about financial aid -- they use the full fees paid by the wealthy students to subsidize enormous discounts for us proles, a very socialist system that allows them to maintain some semblance of socio-economic diversity on the campus. It's good for everyone. But there was always the possibility that they might not be able to come through for me on one of many arcane technical points, and even a modest shortfall could have blown a hole in the scheme. I have been quietly sweating over it for several weeks.

But I got my response today, and they really did a great job for me... loans will be necessary, and work is definitely a part of the equation, but I have been given resources enough to proceed.

So there it is. All systems, as they say, are go. I leave on Thursday.

I had another dream last night that strangely mirrored the one I described yesterday. I was walking on city streets and passed a church that was partly on fire just as the fire department was putting it out. In my dream, nobody had been hurt (although the fire department seemed to be half made up of small children), and no massive destruction had resulted... it was benign as fires go. But the repetition of the theme -- fire in a communal space -- seems notable.
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