Saturday, January 15, 2005
Heya... This is the Momster (a.k.a. Mrs. Novena)

Sister N has asked me to let everyone know that she has reached her destination safely, and is currently resting and meditating in her new cloister... But she's feeling a bit under the weather, thanks to some nasty microoganisms disguised as a "nice meal".

Lesson of the day: NEVER EAT FISH IN AN UNFAMILIAR RESTERAUNT (the focus of Sister N's current meditation).

So... She made it... she's officialy residing in a "Blue" state... but she feels like crap, and isn't quite in to hooking everything up and posting just yet.

Not to worry! It's nothing we haven't ALL encountered at some unlucky time in our lives. But it sure damn stinks when it happens!

She has also found that her cell phone is acting a little fuzzy now that she has a few granite mountains between her and the rest of the country...

So she has asked me to let everyone know, and hopefully she will improve over the next day or so and be back to Bitchin in all her glory!

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