Thursday, January 06, 2005
I Can't Believe It's Not Vietnam!

Wanna know why this war is going so badly?

An Iraqi civilian has testified that US soldiers forced him and his cousin to jump into the River Tigris and laughed as his relative was swept to his death.

"He was calling my name, said: 'Help me! Help me!'" Marwan Fadel Hassoun told a military trial in Texas.

Army Sgt Tracy Perkins, 33, is on trial for an array of charges including involuntary manslaughter.

Three other soldiers have also been charged over the incident in the city of Samarra on 3 January 2004.

Mr Fadel said he and his cousin were transporting plumbing supplies from Baghdad to the city when they were approached by US troops when their truck broke down a few minutes before a 2300 curfew.

He said they were forced to the river at gunpoint.

"We started to beg them not to throw us in the water," he said through a translator.

"We said in English, 'Please, please', but it was in vain.

"The soldiers had their rifles aimed at us. They were laughing."


Yeah, mocking civilians as they die is a brillant strategy to win hearts and minds.

FOX News says the insurgents are fighting their "liberators" because they envy our freedom and our way of life. I wonder if they've considered the possibility that they're fighting us because we keep slaughtering people they love?

And then there's this:

WASHINGTON, Jan. 5 - The Army Reserve is unable to meet its missions in Iraq and Afghanistan because of "dysfunctional" personnel policies that senior Army and Pentagon officials have refused to change, its top general has told senior Army leaders.


"The purpose of this memorandum is to inform you of the Army Reserve's inability - under current policies, procedures, and practices governing mobilization, training, and reserve component manpower management - to meet mission requirements associated with Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and to reset and regenerate its forces for follow-on and future missions," it said, referring to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

While that alone "is of great importance," it added, the Reserves also are "in grave danger of being unable to meet other operational requirements," including those specified in other emergency plans in the United States and abroad.

The Reserves, General Helmly said, are "rapidly degenerating into a 'broken' force."

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