Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Not So Good At Goodbyes

Sorry for the temporary slow-down on the blog... it's not that there's nothing to talk about (if anything, too much), it's just that with all these preparations to move, I lack the time I would normally put into the blog. I have just under 48 hours left to get stuff done, and I'm steadily working my way through the list, but predictably I have left the most annoying parts of the process till the end.

And there are some things to do that seem superfluous but are really important to me... getting in those last bits of quality time with Memphis friends doesn't help get me ready, but I wouldn't think of leaving without doing it.

Tonight, I guess, is basically my last Co-op workshop. Pretty weird. I remember my first one well, since I presciently recorded the event in a diary:

22 May 2002

Right... so, last night I ventured out and met a group of guys (mostly guys) who have just formed a "digital filmmaking co-operative." They're doing free workshops on making digital films, out of a sort of hippie church in Midtown. I say "hippie church"... it's one of those open, semi-non-denominational things that tend to attract a very hip, progressive, peace-n-justice congregation. (Why is it that I can theoretically have a lot in common with a group and still find it so difficult to identify with them?)

But the church isn't important, these guys are. They have a pretty sweet spread out there, with an office, screening room and lounge all to themselves. They have computers, cameras, etc, pretty much everything they need. Most of them -- Denny, Joshua, and another guy -- were very friendly and warm. The other one, that I would tentatively label the leader/ego of the group (Morgan I think?) was less so, while not unfriendly. We shall see -- usually the people I feel that way about end up becoming either my best friends or arch-nemeses.

I feel okay about it all -- I don't know how well I'll naturally fit into this group, but I expect it can be mutually beneficial one way or another. The thing I wasn't expecting was how strange it would be to start doing film stuff in a place that isn't LFS, and with people who aren't Ismo, Nordo, Beckoid and Tatonka. I had no idea how much of an impact this new context would make, and what a strong counter-force it's been so far. No wonder it's been difficult to get going. (I wonder what else I haven't realized yet.)

They're organizing a small film festival which I shall try to help with as much as I can. (I'm also trying to hook up with the [Name Redacted] Documentary Film Institute/ Festival, a much more significant thing.) And I'm also going to my one Memphis high school (White Station) tomorrow to assist on Morgan's shoot. Anyway, it's good to keep busy and stay in practice.

I also got my new tripod today -- a Manfrotto 3130 fluid head on 3001BD legs. It's nice.

Morgan, of course, became one of my most beloved friends in Memphis and a source of many fuzzy hugs; a few years on, I would happily cross continents to help out on any film of his. Denny and Josh (and Brandon, not mentioned above, as well) proved to be great guys indeed, and I spent more hours than I care to count at that hippie church. I even managed to fit in pretty well, in my way, and I've met a lot of other amazing people during my time with the Co-op, too -- I won't list them by name because there are too many to remember accurately, and I would hate for anyone to feel neglected; you guys know who you are. On the other hand, those LFS people I couldn't imagine working without at the time -- my relationships with them have either died tragically or simply dissolved over time. And then I've spent three years proving my worth at the doc fest, earning a permanant place whenever I want one, and my Manfrotto tripod is still nice, still serving me well. And oh! The things I hadn't realized then would've blown my little mind.

So these frustrating years in Memphis have not been without their consolations. I'm really going to miss these people, and everything connected to the Co-op especially. I have come to genuinely love them all.

I still hope I manage to get away and not come back, though.
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