Sunday, January 23, 2005
Quite Pleased With Myself

I wish to re-iterate everything I said about snow around Christmas: New Englanders laugh at the amount of snow it takes to shut down the south. On Christmas Eve-eve in Memphis we got, what, maybe as much as an inch of snow? And over that tiny amount the entire region was all but shut down for days. I made the trip from N. Miss to Memphis and back a few times during those days, and it was considered a nearly heroic effort, requiring phone calls home when I reached my destination to make sure I'd survived. Yes, it's harder without the luxuries of snow plows and salt trucks, but still... it was only an inch of snow, folks. You'd think the world had ended.

Yesterday, around 4 PM, it started to snow here. I went out and drove the first of my two evening van runs anyway. I was a little nervous to be sure -- I hadn't driven in any significant snow in seven years, and I was debating whether to mischieviously tell my passengers that they were being driven down a steep, curvy mountain road through heavy snow by a girl from Mississippi who hadn't put her snow driving skills to work in better than half a decade, but I decided the stress would be too much for all of us. And it was a long, slow trip, frought with tension (I couldn't see jack through either the forward or rear windshields), but I got our townie students home safely, got myself and a few intrepid shoppers back up the mountain (one of the young men riding on the return trip rewarded me with an admiring "nice" upon being deposited outside the dining hall, I think for scaling a treacherously slick, steep hill on the campus approach), and then got myself back to my remote dorm in once piece. My late van run was cancelled -- nobody was going into town on a night like that anyway -- so I got to spend the long night watching the snow pile up outside.

By this morning we had accumulated, by my guess, roughly 24 inches of snow. I spent an hour digging out my nearly-completely buried car, got to campus, and did my morning van run as well. If there's such a thing as a van driver earning their wings, I think mine are now assured.

I scoff at your inch of Christmas snow. I wish I had some good snow boots, though... and I wish I hadn't already lost my mittens. And a hat would be nice. On the other hand, I have discovered that weekend brunch is left unguarded in the dining hall, meaning that self-catering students like me can sneak a plate of pancakes on late weekend mornings.

If I had a camera phone I would show you what this place looks like today. It's really beautiful.
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