Saturday, January 08, 2005
Republic Of Gilead Is For Lovers

So, in Virginia there's a new law coming up for discussion in the state legislature. The law, if passed, would require all women to report fetal death within twelve hours of occurance, and incur a prison sentence of up to a year and/or a fine of $2,500 if they fail to do so. It doesn't matter how far along you are -- or aren't. It could be a third-trimester back-alley abortion or an eighth-week miscarriage; the law remains the same. All "products of conception" must be reported to the police if pregnancy fails to reach completion.

I cannot express my disgust and outrage. This law would treat a woman mourning the loss of her pregnancy at the same punitive level as arson and statutory rape (all "Class 1 misdemeanors"). It demands that women spend their first hours after a miscarriage being questioned by police, offending their own privacy rights, or risk punishment under the law for something they neither wanted nor caused.

My assumption is that this is a bold new gesture in the battle over women's reproductive rights, an attempt to criminalize abortion not only on the part of the doctor but also on the part of the mother, and to recognize fetus, embryo, and zygote alike as human beings before the law. All I can say is, if we allow laws like this to pass -- in Virginia or anywhere else -- all we will get for our trouble is more dead and maimed women and teeming masses of unloved, unwanted children.

I'm sick to fucking death of these "pro-life" (read: pro-forced-birth and fuck the rest) theocrats who decry abortion while absolutely, resolutely refusing to recognize or address their own role in the problem. They fight against effective birth control, they fight against useful sex education, they support legislation that makes life impossible for poor and single mothers while opposing any program that might support them, and then, having forced women into an impossible and deeply unjust situation, they criminalize the last desperate choice open to them.

Backwards, self-righteous, filthy hypocrites, each and every one of them.
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