Friday, February 04, 2005
Christians Against Christ

Hey Republicans... isn't this sorta like, y'know, religious descrimination against Christians?
A Cookeville (Tenn.) High School administrator said Veterans for Peace and a Quaker group can't come back into his school with materials considered ''anti-American'' and ''anti-military.


The war veterans, some who also belong to the Quaker group, were allowed into the school during a September fair for organizations. They set up a table with books about U.S. wars and offered photocopied fliers and pamphlets from both organizations about the war in Iraq and military careers and alternatives.


''The information was brought to the attention of administrators because of the influence it may have had,'' said Shank, who restricted future visits by the groups. ''I felt, from a principal's viewpoint, that the students were being put into a position that they shouldn't.''

Black said Shank specified some quotes in the literature that he objected to, including one from a 1953 speech by President Eisenhower that said, ''Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed. Those who are cold and are not clothed.''

Damn that Republican former-president Eisenhower and his anti-American ideas!
The principal also said their literature could be shown only in a classroom setting that would allow an opportunity for a ''balanced'' presentation. Military recruiters and other groups don't face that restriction, the peace activists said.


Now, just go along with me on this for a minute...

Quakers (or more correctly, the Society of Friends) maintains pacifism as one of their core religious beliefs. This is central to their faith. Quakers are also Christians. Now, right-wingers piss and moan almost incessantly about how downtrodden Christians are in the public schools, but here we have a case of Christians being marginalized in a school by conservatives.

Conservatives like to say that liberals don't want freedom of religion, we want freedom from religion. But apparently, what conservatives themselves really want isn't freedom of religion, but rather freedom from all religions except Christianity... and then only the "right kind" of Christianity (ie, the militaristic, bombing/killing, non-forgiving kind.)

It really is staggering that these fools can keep their own shit straight... they've gotten to the point where they're having to turn their own principles inside out to avoid facing their gross illogic and hypocrisy. It's really quite amazing to watch.
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