Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscars... yeah, okay, seeing as this is supposedly a "film blog" now (like, really, who do I think I'm kidding?) I guess I'm supposed to say something about the Academy Awards.

I did slightly better at predicting the winners this year than I did last year -- I got half of 'em right. I maintained my dominance in the off-categories: I correctly predicted the best doc feature award for the third year running, best foreign film, best animated short, all those little ones that nobody ever pays attention to. The big awards are always a matter of luck -- there are general patterns, but they're not regular enough to be relied upon, and obviously it's not always a case of the best picture actually winning Best Picture. (Almost never, in fact.) I haven't seen either of the two big nominees for that one this year -- I probably will eventually, but to be honest neither one really calls to me -- so I can't say whether the right film won or not. But I can say with some confidence that there was probably at least one -- maybe ten, maybe twenty, maybe fifty better films made this last year that went completely unnoticed. Because that's just how things are.

The technical categories are equally unpredictable -- not because the nominees aren't reliably good examples of whatever craft they represent, because they almost always are -- but because they're all so good in their categories that picking which one was "best" is always something of a crapshoot. Either that, or you have to know those corners of filmmaking better than I do to tell any appreciable difference between the nominees.

As for best actor/actress/whatever -- seriously, who cares? Whether the nominees are good or not isn't the point; these awards have as much to do with acting as your high school class-presidential election had to do with politics. I admit being surprised that Scorsese got rebuffed yet again, not because The Aviator was so great (I dunno, I haven't seen it, but I'm guessing it's not his best), but because the guy's been nominated like fifty fucking times*; you'd think they'd quit teasing him and just give him the damn statue eventually.

And I've always thought Clint Eastwood was a bit over-rated as a director; he appeals, however, because if you spell his name with all capitals it can be easily misread for a very dirty word.

*actually only five
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