Saturday, February 05, 2005
Felt Pelt And Sister Novena Duel At Dawn

Congratulations to my buddy Morgan, whose second (or is it third?) feature, awayAwake, premiered last night in Memphis. Mat has supplied some blurry, pseudo-artsy-fartsy (or more likely, just drunken) photos of the event, which I sadly had to miss. I was driving the van last night, y'see...

While googling for information on the film, I found this brief mention on Ain't It Cool News, and I am not amused to see that someone has co-opted my patented "Memphis, crown jewel of Mississippi" line. You shall be hearing from my attorney, sir, Mr. so-called "Felt Pelt"!

PS: Oh yeah, also, I worked on this film. You can find many words about the production here.

PPS: Fixed that link. Sorry.
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