Sunday, February 20, 2005
Gann-on And On And On

"My God, the White House has ties to gay prostitution." ~ Bill Maher

I've been completely useless this weekend, I haven't accomplished a damn thing. I haven't read anything, I haven't written anything, I've just done my van runs and napped in between.

Anyway, since this Gannon story is finally starting to heat up outside the blogosphere, and since I personally just can't get enough Guckert, here are a few video clips. (They all require a fair amount of bandwidth, but they're worth it.)

First up, Bill Maher does a few riffs on the subject -- look for Biden making a good point towards the end.

Funnier than that is the Daily Show report on Gannon by Jon Stewart and Ted Hitler. (For the full Daily Show experience, don't miss the Moment of Zen -- not 100% work safe.)

And best of all -- far and away the most satisfying clip of the three -- is this Gannon/Guckert interview with Anderson Cooper,, who gently, delicately opens him up a new orifice.

For the record: I have not a whit of sympathy for the blogosphere's delving into Gannon's "personal" life. Advertising one's paid sexual services on the internet is hardly part of your private life. The internet is a public forum, and posting anything there is equivalent to standing on a street corner and yelling, with the difference that on the net everything you yell can potentially hang around forever. Once you put it on the net, you get to live with it. Furthermore, given that some of those profiles are active to this very day rather undermines the argument that this is all part of your "past." We're not buying it.

But the thing that makes this interview so great -- aside from Cooper's finding the journalistic balls to actually, y'know, ask the right questions and not let the guy off the hook with an evasive answer -- is Gannon/Guckert's obvious, wild flailing. This guy is so obviously in over his head it's downright comical... the rapid-fire blinking, the stammering, the verbal choking, the classic "I'm lying my ass off" eyebrow lift; it's all here. It's a tour de force demonstration of the art of looking like a complete twat on television.

The thing that JimJeff still doesn't realize -- and the thing that most of the media-viewing public still doesn't realize -- is that as amused as lefty bloggers are about the Gannon story (because it's just too delicious for words), we don't actually care much about the man himself. Guckert's a pisher, a pawn, a nobody up to his eyebrows in a tempest that he should've seen coming. The reason the bloggers are pushing so hard is because, in Watergate terms, we want to know where we end up if we follow the money. It ain't about Gannon, it's about the people who brought him in.

Having said that, we are enjoying watching the right wing choke on having to leap to the defense of a gay prostitute. I think the term "poetic justice" is apt. Maybe someday they'll find it in themselves to defend all gay people, not just the gay-for-hire.
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