Friday, February 25, 2005
Generic Blog Entry

Flat statement with provocative intent. Indication that development of previous statement immediately follows:

Possible headline. Clipped piece of writing from widely-recognized source describing event, background, or opinion (subject).

(symbol indicating part of text has been skipped over)

"Quotation from a government or media official, or somebody else who may have publicly said something of interest." Context relating to quotation.

(reference link to source of text)

Statement of disbelief or revulsion in response to text just cited. Expression of personal belief or opinion relating to subject statement and refutation of those who hold opinions or beliefs to the contrary. Effort to bring balance to counterpoint statement by acknowledging existence of moderate stance, followed by implication that moderate stance is insufficient response to subject.

Rhetorical question? Further development of rhetorical question? Expression of strong rejection of the tone, content, or assumption behind subject statement. Argument to the effect that subject statement is misguided, idiotic, or possibly evil. Expression of disgust and/or derision directed at subject. Attempt at sick and/or dark joke at expense of subject.

Snarky concluding statement.

indication of additional thought: further evidence relating to either subject or argument against subject.

indication of second additional thought: still more evidence relating to either subject or argument against subject. Self-deprecating comment and promise againt any further additions to entry.
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