Friday, February 18, 2005
Insight Du Jour

The guy's right:

I came away from the whole thing with a small insight. Its not the Daddy party vs. the Mother party. It's the cokehead party vs. the pothead party. It is no coincidence that I can't stand people on coke and I can't stand Republicans. Potheads? Some of the best people I have met are potheads. One party is all about belligerence, overconfidence, and it hates nuance. The other is about reflection, introspection, and making sure there is enough food.

demokerryat's diary

I've never been crazy about cokeheads, either... potheads are cool (if sometimes a little too saturated with incense fumes), but cokeheads tend to be assholes and bastards. Which is to say, just like Republicans.
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