Tuesday, February 08, 2005
Plus, It Fills The Empty Hole Where My Social Life Used To Be

The ol' blog's not getting quite as much action these days, eh?

Apologies for the lack of posts... I guess it's all just part of the transition from one lifestyle to another. Most of my writing efforts are going to academics, as is most of my time. The junker desktop I brought up with me -- hoping to do most of my paper-writing, if not my blogging, from my room -- punked out late last week, so every bit of writing I do is now limited to the college computer labs. The atmosphere is okay, but it's not so comfortable so I'm often hesitant to spend any more time in there than I have to.

The other thing I think is inhibiting my blogging-related-programs-activities is this problem I'm having with being required to radically shift intellectual tracks just as I'm working up some good momentum. My thought processes are such that, at my best, I get into an intellectual groove and try to ride it out to the end. I can tolerate being pulled out of it, but I definitely do my best work in the groove, and it can't just be created at will. The groove comes at the time of its own choosing, and all I can do it try to be in a position to climb aboard when it arrives. Sometimes I can manage a little bit of a rolling start, but it's never guaranteed; the best bet is to be ready for it. My daily schedule -- as loose as it is -- doesn't always accomodate the groove well, asking me to go to class or to work just when things are really getting good (nothing kills the groove faster than having to interact with others, unless they're people I'm quite close to who might be willing to ride the groove with me.) So what I end up with is a situation where the groove, if it comes at a time when I can make use of it, supercedes everything else, this blog included.

It's an ethereal thing, I know; I only ask your indulgence. (I'm so gonna lose my average daily hit count at this rate.)
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