Friday, February 04, 2005
Republicans Love Torture

Not one single Republican senator voted against the confirmation of Alberto Gonzales as the new US Torturemaster General. Not a fucking one. I'm particularly disappointed in John McCain, who, as a former victim of torture in Vietnam, should've know better. Mr. McCain, you have formally lost any respect I ever had for you; I will never again feel the slightest sympathy for the pain you suffered as a POW. Your story is officially worthless, your integrity is irrevocably tainted, and you will never, ever receive another lick of support of any kind, however grudging, from me again. You are truly a king among hypocrites. As for the rest, I didn't expect anything better; the GOP is the party of thugs and scoundrels, so I certainly didn't anticipate any sudden, dramatic outburts of moral integrity or honorable justice. Republican politicians as a whole are inherently incapable of either.

Other sorry examples of this disappointing waste of human intelligence:

(1) Senator Ken Salazar (Colorado).

(2) Senator Joseph Lieberman (Conn.).

(3) Senator Ben Nelson (Neb.).

(4) Senator Mary Landrieu (La.)

(5) Senator Pryor (Ark).

(6) Senator Bill Nelson (Fla.)

All Democrats -- what a shameful display. Of course, we expected no better of Lieberman (who will not win another term as senator, mark my words), and Salazar especially is a shameful disgrace. You are all an embarrassment to the party and the country.

But all of the other Democrats correctly voted against Gonzales. I like where this is going: let the Republicans whine about obstructionism, the more the Washington democrats work against this administration, the happier I'll be. Keep on' obstructin'. We can't win, but we can make it as hard as humanly possible to make even the smallest move-- that's the whole point. Be as deep mud aroung their ankles, hinder their every step, bring the Bush administration to a grinding halt until its crimes can catch up to it. It's patriotic!
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