Friday, February 18, 2005
These Damn Kids Today

I'm going to vent. If that's not what you're here for, you've been warned. My mother will doubtless find this one particularly entertaining.

I'm getting pretty fucked off with 20-year-olds. The kids on this campus are, for the most part, pretentious, spoiled, irresponsible, overconfident in their all-knowingness, have lousy taste in music, don't know jack shit about anything that happened before 1988, and won't do a goddamn thing without being asked or reminded.

I'm getting sick of people who throw French words into mundane conversations -- invariably also liberally sprinkled with "like" and "you know?" (eg., "I thought, you know, that she wouldn't, like, be offended by my nudité, but she just, like, so freaked out.")

I'm getting sick of people who won't wash their fucking dishes. My dishes -- yes, mom, it's true -- are clean and put away within minutes of my finishing with them (or else end up in my room, where at least they're not in anybody's way.) These kids leave gross, stinking dishes sitting in the sink for days on end.

I'm getting sick of having to get out of bed at midnight to ask the girls in the next room over to turn their goddamn Eminem down so I can study and/or sleep, when they know perfectly well that midnight's the cut-off point for noise. I do my part, being patient until the agreed-upon hour comes; is it so much to ask for them to keep their end of the bargain without my having to go over and pull a mommy routine and remind them of their obligation?

I'm getting sick of people who don't realize how much they don't know about life beyond college. Kids who've had Mexican maids cleaning up after them their whole lives pretend they know how the world works; kids who've broken up with their first boyfriends or girlfriends after six weeks think they know all about relationships gone wrong; kids who've never held a job of any description presume to tell the staff and faculty what they're doing wrong. It's deeply annoying.

What's worse, of course, is that I was essentially just like them at 20, I'm sure. Maybe better about some things, worse about others -- I was the queen of dirty dishes in the sink when I was 20 (and I still like doing dishes least among household chores, with the exception of scrubbing the bathtub), and I was pretentious and full of much pseudo-intellectual bullshit, too. The problem here isn't that these kids are bad people -- they're not at all. The problem is the ten-year age gap between me and them. There don't seem to be any students my age here now; it's a bit sad, as this college was founded by students just back from WWII, and has traditionally been a haven for "non-traditional" (ie, 26-and-up) students. It seems like a bit of a loss... this was once a pretty diverse campus, at least in terms of age and socio-economic background. Now it's all well-off white post-adolescents. How dull is that?

That felt really good, though... I'm beginning to suspect that being irritable and curmudgeonly about people younger than you is one of the great benefits of getting older. Bitching about Gen-Yers is even more fun that bitching about Boomers.
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