Sunday, February 06, 2005
Well Well Well

He wanted an election, and he got an election. The people of Iraq voted, and guess what they chose?

Where once Iraq was a stable, secular, unarmed nation (albeit led by an asshole), now it's going to be a pro-Iranian militant Islamic country (probably eventually led by another asshole).

The national assembly formed after last month's historic elections is to oversee the drawing up of the new constitution and Sistani is the figurehead of the Shiite United Iraqi Alliance expected to become the largest single bloc.


The surprise statement was released by Sheikh Ibrahim Ibrahimi, a representative of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Ishaq al-Fayad, another of the marja.

"All of the ulema (clergy) and marja, and the majority of the Iraqi people, want the national assembly to make Islam the source of legislation in the permanent constitution and to reject any law that is contrary to Islam," said the statement.

A source close to Sistani announced soon after the release of the statement that the spiritual leader backed the demand.


Yep, the ruling Shia are pissed off and we're one step closer to re-establishing the Caliphate. Smooth move, Mr. Slick! (I mean Mr. President.)
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