Sunday, March 13, 2005
Driving To Springtime

Goddamn that was a long drive. Vermont to Memphis by way of Roanoke, VA (well, more accurately Troutville, VA; same diff.) The trip began inauspiciously in a snowstorm, navigating a treacherous stretch of Route 9 (still generally considered to be the most dangerous bit of highway in America due to its hilliness, curviness, and tendency towards slick icy snowiness.) Not but ten miles from the Vermont-New York border, we were held up by very, very serious accident on the road that took an hour to clear. Four ambulances passed us heading back towards Bennington while we waited; after we were waved onward, I wondered if I'd be able to tell where the accident had happened. A rather alarming quantity of blood splattered across the snow a mile or two further on was evidence enough for me.

The snow ended somewhere in Pennsylvania; just before crossing into Virginia I encountered a confusing mix of rain, wet snow, and determined sunshine. (Local girl Ashley says that when the sun shines while it's raining, it means that the devil is beating his wife. I guess, then, that if the sun shines while it's raining and snowing, the devil is beating his wife and... what? His kids? His mother?

Anyway, driving south was like driving across the dividing line between the seasons. By the time I got to my motel, the going was completely easy, not a flake to be seen. The going today was full speed ahead; I crossed Tennessee like the proverbial bat out of hell, getting from Knoxville to Memphis is barely more than six hours.

So I'm back for a bit now... Memphis buds, come and find me.

PS: When exes blog! The guy subbing in for buddy Shaw over here was once an S.O. of Sister Novena's in another time and dimension, back in the long-ago, back before I became who I am (whatever that entails.) Not that that means anything, really, but I didn't want to come across as studiously ignoring. These personal-political things can be tricky shit. And maybe you're curious. Or not. Whatever.
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