Saturday, March 26, 2005
Get Back To Work, You

The last hurrah of my spring break will be a two-day drive back to New England -- if I luck out and get decent weather, it should be quite enjoyable. I do love a good cross-country drive, so I'm looking forward to it. And once I get to Vermont, it's back to work for me; I've got plenty of work to fill the rest of the term. I acquired a new computer over the break and a few other items to make my cloister a bit more pleasant, so I'm ready to go.

It's been disorienting, though, all this back-and-forth. When I first arrived back at my old college, I had the strange sensation of thinking I was seeing people I knew the first time I was there, as well as imagining I saw people I knew from Memphis... they were all completely different people, obviously, but the reflex to recognize people seems to be a strong one. (It doesn't help that students at my college tend to closely resemble each other from generation to generation... fashions never change much in HippieLand.) Once I got back down here, I kept thinking I recognized current acquaintances from Vermont. God knows who I'll think I'm seeing when I get back to campus.

And it's strange how readily we fall back into our old lives. I've only been gone two months, of course, but my life in Vermont is very different from my life in Memphis; you'd think some of my habits would carry over here, but no -- I'm one person here, and another person there. It feels quite odd to think that I'm leaving tomorrow; fortunately, I didn't bring much, so packing should be a simple matter.

So there'll be another couple of quiet days here while I'm on the road. Not that that's any big change from how things have been, but I'm sure I'll be back to my regular-ish posting schedule soon. The break has done me good.
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