Friday, March 18, 2005
God Hates Bar Owners

Everybody knows the line of reasoning that suggests that those who display the most overt rejection of homosexuality may do so because of latent (or not-so-latent) gay tendencies that they reject in themselves. But you rarely get such an obvious display of it as we're getting in the case of the San Diego Bishop who refused to permit a Catholic burial for a gay man. The objection, apparently, was not because he was gay, but because he owned two gay bars. How exactly that changes the situation is unclear -- and by all accounts these bars were fairly demure social gathering places, not leather bars or bath houses. But the refusal was made, much to the distress of the deceased man's family and friends.

But, holy hypocrisy, Batman! It turns out that this same Bishop settled out of court with a young man a few years ago in a case in which the Bishop was accused of attempting to coerce the former seminarian to have sex with him and other high-ranking clergymen. He also treated the case of a priest who allegedly bound and raped a 14-year-old girl (after her grandfather's funeral, no less) with rather curious leniency.

Now, let's compare these cases... a gay man who was apparently an upstanding and responsible citizen, but who owned two fairly docile gay-oriented bars, is refused a Catholic funeral; but a priest who rapes an underage girl is allowed to go on a trip to the Philippines on vacation and a bishop who looks fairly guilty of severe sexual harrassment (of a man, no less) gets to, well, be a bishop.

Uh-huh, sure, okay. Presumably if the dead bar owner had just forced himself on a few more unwilling, helpless partners, everything would be cool, but owning a couple of bars is just going too far.

(Story via the excellent AmericaBlog, where you can find more information.)
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