Wednesday, March 09, 2005
On The Other Hand...

Of course, the thing about heralding the approach of spring -- in as much as it's something akin to naming the nature of the magic, which of course destroys the spell -- is that the minute you do it, nature shoots you a big ol' bird to shut you up.

The slurp from yesterday turned into snow... rather a lot of snow, in fact. And wind. And it got fucking cold. And not just, "boy, Chauncy, it's a bit nippy out tonight, eh?" cold, but "you better get your ass inside before you lose your fingers" cold. I was told that it was a classic Alberta howler, though why it should be named after a province clear on the other side of the continent remains a mystery. Maybe they were just messing with me; I admit I am sometimes gullible.

But, then again, I also noticed that in the calm before the howler, somebody had begun tapping the campus sugar maples. With luck, by the time I get back from the break, the snow should have turned to rain and some of these berms and drifts should have melted off. I would gladly take rain and mud instead of ice and snow at this point.

In other news, can I just say that the passage of this fucked-up, exploitative bankruptcy law sucks ass? Fuck you, poor person/sick person/old person, it doesn't matter how hard you work or how many responsibilities you live up to, the Republican party needs to keep its burgeoning serf class in line, and keeping you eternally in debt is the easiest way to do it. Get a fourth job and stop whining; you're lucky we don't charge you for the air you breathe. We're working on that, though... if we drive these SUVs long enough, non-poisonous air might become a marketable commodity in time for your grandkids to come up on the auction block. God bless America, you fucking peons!

PS to Peons: And you'll get your minimum wage increase over our dead bodies. We love it when a single mother of two has to work sixty hours per week just to hit the poverty line! And she'd better not be hoping for any overtime pay or healthcare. Hard-working people living in eternal debt and poverty... that's the Republican-American way, suckers!
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