Saturday, March 19, 2005
Unhappy Anniversary

And so, we enter the third year of the second war in Iraq.

Coalition fatalities: 1,696*

US armed forces fatalities: 1,520*

Total US armed forces casualties: 11,220*

Estimated number of Iraqi civilian fatalities: at least 17,000**

Iraqi civilian fatalities adjusted to US population: 170,000

Number of terrorist attacks equivalent to those at the World Trade Center and Pentagon required to create 170,000 fatalities: 57

Average number of Coalition deaths per day: 2.32 (up 80% from last year)

Average number of Iraqi deaths per day: 23.26

Cost of Iraq war so far: $157 billion and counting***

Amount of that money that has gone "missing": $9 billion****

Weapons of Mass Destruction found: 0

Compelling reasons for going to war given: 0

*source 1
(Note that the method for counting US casualties in Iraq has changed since last year, reducing the total number of casualties reported compared to the old method.)
**source 2
*** source 3
**** source 4

Last year's unhappy anniversary is here.
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