Monday, March 28, 2005
Well That Sucked

"... if I luck out and get decent weather, it should be quite enjoyable..."

(__insert derisive snort here__)

Worst. Drive. Ever.

Yesterday was okay. A little drizzle in the morning, and overcast all day, but basically cool. Today, however, was a motherfucking nightmare.

I dunno if any of you saw a radar weather map of the Eastern United States today, but basically there was one massive stretch of green -- heavy rain -- all the way from northern Georgia clear up into New England. I, as you may know, began my second day of driving from Roanoke, Virginia, and headed north through Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Upstate New York -- right through the fucking middle of that mass of rain. It tracked north with me as I drove. It rained on me from the moment I pulled out of the Troutville Travelodge parking lot until the time I pulled into the dorm driveway. And not just a little drizzly damp, no -- I'm talking full-on nasty, heavy rain blatting incessantly on my windshield for twelve goddamn hours. I tell you, I was about to completely lose my shit.

Actually, come to think of it, I tell a lie... along about the Poconos, it let up a bit to make way for the pea-soup fog. Then when I got to the edge of Vermont -- the final forty miles of a 1300-mile trip, it finished off with the coup de grace: rain and fog, in the dark, with a little sleet mixed in here and there for good measure. All this on hazardous Route 9, still considered to be the most dangerous stretch of highway in the United States, all sharp curves and steep grades, an embankment on one side and a yawning chasm on the other. My only saving grace was that there were so few cars on the road (they all had better sense than me) I didn't have to worry about running into any moving objects.

I'm back in my dorm room now, safe and sound, but my nerves are completely fried. My hands are shaking, not from fear -- I'm an intrepid traveler -- but from sheer tension. I've been gripping my steering wheel like a madwoman for literally half the day.

Yep, I sure picked the wrong goddamn weekend to make that trip.

Anyway, I'm completely unpacked now, and I've got my new computer set up and running on the college network. It's so fast! And when I wake up every day, I won't have to bundle up and walk the nearly-half-a-mile from the upper-upper-upper parking lot, up the slick hill to the library just to check my email; I can just roll over, double click, and there it is. How decadent it all is... I'm going to be completely spoiled now.

(((Sigh)))... class tomorrow, and I need to go to the bank and get some groceries. I'm turning in. See y'all tomorrow.
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