Friday, March 04, 2005
Zappa In The Crossfire

This clip has been making the rounds, but it really is worth watching (though it's pretty long and wants some bandwidth.) It's from a 1986 edition of Crossfire in which "conservative" Frank Zappa flatly denounces censorship, makes a sane case against the irrational fear of words, and proclaims that America is heading down the road of "fascist theocracy." Check out the smarmy winger wanker to his left... one of these two men was a genius, and the other is a partisan hack. Ten points to the first person to correctly identify which is which.

But wait, there's more: Zappa appeared on Crossfire again in 1987, this time confronting a "consultant" from the PMRC. How strange to remember the days when George Michael and heavy metal were considered even remotely threatening; note the attempts to blame anti-rock hysteria on AIDS.
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