Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Footnote This

I had a meeting with my screenwriting professor this morning, and was really gratified to have him praise my short adaptation of Gabriel Garcia-Marquez' Eyes of a Blue Dog. He even said he thought I'd improved on the story in some ways -- impossible, of course, where Garcia-Marquez is concerned, but flattering to have said just the same. It still wants a little tweaking -- a few points need to be clarified, the dialogue probably needs a once-over, and then there's the task of planning out how the film would actually look, but I do feel like I have a very "ready" screenplay in my hands. And I guess that means I'm probably going to make the film.

Does anyone reading this happen to know if there are any older images (paintings, I assume) of blue dogs? I know there's a well-known blue dog painted by George Rodrigue, but the chronology is completely wrong -- Garcia-Marquez wrote the story in '61, and Rodrigue didn't paint his blue dog until the 80s. Anyone know of a blue dog in Picasso's work, or the work of some other painter from that general period?

I'm currently sweating my way through the Deren paper; I'm still waiting for books for the technology paper so I can't start on that yet. Writing on Deren last night, I remembered why I always used to curse the existence of footnotes -- they're sticklers about references and citations here, and presenting a badly-footnoted paper is bad mojo. But footnotes -- I think I'm still allowed to express this opinion -- suck ass. I hate 'em, the fiddly little fuckers.
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