Thursday, April 21, 2005
Maya Deren Is Eating My Brain

I've been forced by my reticent intellect to throw in the towel on the Deren paper for the time being; I managed to clear a dozen pages (a dozen well-written, heavily referenced pages, I'd point out, and adding up to over 5,300 words in total), but I still have quite a bit of writing to do before I can confidently consider it a good, solid draft. That's seven pages of writing just tonight, nearly eight hours of continual work; I feel like my brain's bleeding, but maybe I'm just over-identifying with my subject.

I'd hoped to have this draft done yesterday; now, I figure, I've still got at least two days' worth of work still to do. Then, of course, there's the other paper, the big one, which I've done only basic research for -- man, this is going to be a tough two weeks. And I have to write a scene for a screenwriting project this weekend, too... ugh. At least my solo screenwriting project is done and turned in; I'd hate to think I had to do something that creative on top of everything else. I'm moving resolutely into an intellectual consume-digest-regurgitate mode; creativity doesn't really fit into that plan.

Ow. Headache. Sleep now.
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